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Upskilling Farmers

AgriFlora prides itself on sustainable development, and much of that sustainability rests in the hands of a farmer’s skillset. We facilitate farmers in cut flower production through our pioneering tissue culture lab. By introducing this technique in Pakistan we can quality control production, build capacity by reducing wasted crops resulting from disease, and make flower production a highly economic process. Farmers can register with us and have our consultancy team guide them on best practices to produce true to type flowers. Our tissue culture technology also allows us to cultivate imported flowers at a much cheaper cost whilst maintaining high quality results. AgriFlora’s goal is to make Pakistani farmers’ output export worthy and ready.

What is organic food? Organic products

Organic means an organic product; are products grown without the use of pesticides and sewage sludge; genetically modified organisms; or synthetic fertilizers; ionic radiation. For animals such as: meat, poultry, eggs; dairy products without antibiotics; Growth hormone will also be included in the list of organic foods.

What is an example of an organic product?

The most commonly purchased organic foods are fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products and meat. Processed organic products are also available, such as sodas, cookies, and meat substitutes. Organic foods are produced through farming practices that only use natural substances.

What do you mean by organic product?

Organic foods are crops that were produced without using synthetic pesticides, fertilizers or other genetically modified components. They also include animals products such as cheese, milk, meat or honey that were also produced free of growth hormones, antibiotics.

What are the most popular organic products?

This statistic presents the retail sales of fresh organic produce in the United States in 2022. Organic berries were among the best selling items in 2022 totaling around 1.2 billion U.S. dollars in sales. Carrots, apples, and spinach were also among the most popular organic items

Why organic products are better?

Organic vegetables and fruits ensure high quality as they are grown using natural methods of agriculture, without chemicals and toxins. Organic food products are always fresh because they are not treated with any preservatives or wax for longer a shelf-life

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